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The Dark Recesses

and the beasts there in

1 March 1988
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"Lord, give us the wisdom to see the right, the will to choose it, and the strength to make it so."
James Bond, The Last Knight

As I do, I am.
I am my thoughts and intentions
Am I my emotion too?
All my love and hope?
My hate, anger and resentment?
All of my passion?
Who will I be
If I don't?


This I pray in your name
To the infinite, omnipresent, all powerful, and omnipotent.
He who exists in all things.
The universal conscious, the perfect truth, the singular singularity,
To She who knows the sands of time by name.
He who is good
Hear my humble prayer.
Grant me your encompassing wisdom,
so I might partake of your perfect justice.
Grant me your unconditional love,
so I may see your absolute mercy,
Grant me thy infinite patience,
so I might learn what is true.
Grant me your irresistible strength,
so I can care.
This I pray in your name,